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      Merge pull request #2452 from prometheus/swappable-post · 07491c9f
      Julius Volz authored
      notifier: Allow swapping out HTTP Doer
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      notifier: Allow swapping out HTTP Doer · f152ac5e
      Julius Volz authored
      We need to be able to modify the HTTP POST in Weave Cortex to add
      multitenancy information to a notification. Since we only really need a
      special header in the end, the other option would be to just allow
      passing in headers to the notifier. But swapping out the whole Doer is
      more general and allows others to swap out the network-talky bits of the
      notifier for their own use. Doing this via contexts here wouldn't work
      well, due to the decoupled flow of data in the notifier.
      There was no existing interface containing the ctxhttp.Post() or
      ctxhttp.Do() methods, so I settled on just using Do() as a swappable
      function directly (and with a more minimal signature than Post).
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    • Jeremy Meulemans's avatar
      Adding gauge for number of open head chunks. · f70b52d0
      Jeremy Meulemans authored
      Fixes #1710
    • Stephen Soltesz's avatar
      Fix kubernetes host:port relabel regex. · 3f29324e
      Stephen Soltesz authored
      This change corrects a bug introduced by PR
      The regex uses three groups: the hostname, an optional port, and the
      prefered port from a kubernetes annotation.
      Previously, the second group should have been ignored if a :port was not
      present in the input. However, making the port group optional with the
      "?" had the unintended side-effect of allowing the hostname regex "(.+)"
      to match greedily, which included the ":port" patterns up to the ";"
      separating the hostname from the kubernetes port annotation.
      This change updates the regex for the hostname to match any non-":"
      characters. This forces the regex to stop if a ":port" is present and
      allow the second group to match the optional port.
  16. 15 Feb, 2017 2 commits
    • Tobias Schmidt's avatar
      Merge pull request #2427 from stephen-soltesz/master · 0436e982
      Tobias Schmidt authored
      Kubernetes port annotations - match addresses with or without declared ports
    • Stephen Soltesz's avatar
      Match addresses with or without declared ports. · 0b1790ee
      Stephen Soltesz authored
      This change updates port relabeling for pod and service discovery so the
      relabeling regex matches addresses with or without declared ports. As
      well, this change uses a consistent style in the replacement pattern
      for the two expressions.
      Previously, for both services or pods that did not have declared ports, the
      relabel config regex would fail to match:
          regex: (.+)(?::\d+);(\d+)
          regex: (.+):(?:\d+);(\d+)
      Both regexes expected a <host>:<port> pattern.
      The new regex matches addresses with or without declared ports by making
      the :<port> pattern optional.
          regex: (.+)(?::\d+)?;(\d+)
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