1. 10 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  2. 08 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Various enhancements and refactorings for remote write receiver: · d479151f
      Tom Wilkie authored
      - Remove unrelated changes
      - Refactor code out of the API module - that is already getting pretty crowded.
      - Don't track reference for AddFast in remote write.  This has the potential to consume unlimited server-side memory if a malicious client pushes a different label set for every series.  For now, its easier and safer to always use the 'slow' path.
      - Return 400 on out of order samples.
      - Use remote.DecodeWriteRequest in the remote write adapters.
      - Put this behing the 'remote-write-server' feature flag
      - Add some (very) basic docs.
      - Used named return & add test for commit error propagation
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTom Wilkie <tom.wilkie@gmail.com>