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......@@ -52,6 +52,29 @@ If a bug fix got accidentally merged into master after non-bug-fix changes in ma
Maintaining the release branches for older minor releases happens on a best effort basis.
### Updating dependencies
A few days before a major or minor release, consider updating the dependencies:
export GO111MODULE=on
go get -u ./...
go mod tidy
go mod vendor
git add go.mod go.sum vendor
Then create a pull request against the master branch.
Note that after a dependency update, you should look out for any weirdness that
might have happened. Such weirdnesses include but are not limited to: flaky
tests, differences in resource usage, panic.
In case of doubt or issues that can't be solved in a reasonable amount of time,
you can skip the dependency update or only update select dependencies. In such a
case, you have to create an issue or pull request in the GitHub project for
later follow-up.
### Prepare your release
For a patch release, work in the branch of the minor release you want to patch.
......@@ -103,4 +126,3 @@ The following changes to the above procedures apply:
* Tick the _This is a pre-release_ box when drafting the release in the Github UI.
* Still update `CHANGELOG.md`, but when you cut the final release later, merge all the changes from the pre-releases into the one final update.
* Run the benchmark for 3 days using the `/benchmark x.y.z` command, `x.y.z` being the latest stable patch release of the previous minor release series.
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