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Merge pull request #8740 from GezimSejdiu/main

Fix a broken link for the bcrypt ref. at the web-config.yml example
parents 52df5ef7 97acd170
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ tls_server_config:
key_file: server.key
# Usernames and passwords required to connect to Prometheus.
# Passwords are hashed with bcrypt: https://github.com/prometheus/exporter-toolkit/blob/master/https/README.md#about-bcrypt
# Passwords are hashed with bcrypt: https://github.com/prometheus/exporter-toolkit/blob/master/docs/web-configuration.md#about-bcrypt
alice: $2y$10$mDwo.lAisC94iLAyP81MCesa29IzH37oigHC/42V2pdJlUprsJPze
bob: $2y$10$hLqFl9jSjoAAy95Z/zw8Ye8wkdMBM8c5Bn1ptYqP/AXyV0.oy0S8m
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