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## 2.14.0 / 2019-11-11
* [SECURITY/BUGFIX] UI: Ensure warnings from the API are escaped. #6279
* [FEATURE] API: `/api/v1/status/runtimeinfo` and `/api/v1/status/buildinfo` endpoints added for use by the React UI. #6243
* [FEATURE] React UI: implement the new experimental React based UI. #5694 and many more
* Can be found by under `/new`.
* Not all pages are implemented yet.
* [FEATURE] Status: Cardinality statistics added to the Runtime & Build Information page. #6125
* [ENHANCEMENT/BUGFIX] Remote write: fix delays in remote write after a compaction. #6021
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Alerts can be filtered by state. #5758
* [BUGFIX] API: lifecycle endpoints return 403 when not enabled. #6057
* [BUGFIX] Build: Fix Solaris build. #6149
* [BUGFIX] Promtool: Remove false duplicate rule warnings when checking rule files with alerts. #6270
* [BUGFIX] Remote write: restore use of deduplicating logger in remote write. #6113
* [BUGFIX] Remote write: do not reshard when unable to send samples. #6111
* [BUGFIX] Service discovery: errors are no longer logged on context cancellation. #6116, #6133
* [BUGFIX] UI: handle null response from API properly. #6071
## 2.13.1 / 2019-10-16
* [BUGFIX] Fix panic in ARM builds of Prometheus. #6110
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