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promql: use explicit type declare instead of string. (#7716)

Signed-off-by: default avatarjohncming <johncming@yahoo.com>
parent 1c1b394e
......@@ -24,20 +24,20 @@ type ValueType string
// The valid value types.
const (
ValueTypeNone = "none"
ValueTypeVector = "vector"
ValueTypeScalar = "scalar"
ValueTypeMatrix = "matrix"
ValueTypeString = "string"
ValueTypeNone ValueType = "none"
ValueTypeVector ValueType = "vector"
ValueTypeScalar ValueType = "scalar"
ValueTypeMatrix ValueType = "matrix"
ValueTypeString ValueType = "string"
// DocumentedType returns the internal type to the equivalent
// user facing terminology as defined in the documentation.
func DocumentedType(t ValueType) string {
switch t {
case "vector":
case ValueTypeVector:
return "instant vector"
case "matrix":
case ValueTypeMatrix:
return "range vector"
return string(t)
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