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*: cut 2.7.0-rc.0 (#5114)

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## 2.7.0-rc.0 / 2019-01-18
This release adds experimental support for disk size based retention. To accomodate that we are deprecating the flag `storage.tsdb.retention` in favour of `storage.tsdb.retention.time`. We print a warning if the flag is in use, but it will function without breaking until Prometheus 3.0.
* [FEATURE] Add subqueries to PromQL. #4831
* [FEATURE] [EXPERIMENTAL] Add support for disk size based retention. Note that we don't consider the WAL size which could be significant and the time based retention policy also applies. #5109 prometheus/tsdb#343
* [FEATURE] Add CORS origin flag. #5011
* [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Add tagged address to the discovery metadata. #5001
* [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Add service external IP and external name to the discovery metadata. #4940
* [ENHANCEMENT] Azure SD: Add support for Managed Identity authentication. #4590
* [ENHANCEMENT] Azure SD: Add tenant and subscription IDs to the discovery metadata. #4969
* [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Add support for application credentials based authentication. #4968
* [ENHANCEMENT] Add metric for number of rule groups loaded. #5090
* [BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate tests for alert unit tests. #4964
* [BUGFIX] Don't depend on given order when comparing samples in alert unit testing. #5049
* [BUGFIX] Make sure the retention period doesn't overflow. #5112
* [BUGFIX] Make sure the blocks don't get very large. #5112
* [BUGFIX] Don't generate blocks with no samples. prometheus/tsdb#374
* [BUGFIX] Reintroduce metric for WAL corruptions. prometheus/tsdb#473
## 2.6.1 / 2019-01-15
* [BUGFIX] Azure SD: Fix discovery getting stuck sometimes. #5088
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