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......@@ -31,6 +31,20 @@ If you believe you've found a security vulnerability, please read our [security
If you have an idea of how to improve Grafana, submit an [enhancement request](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/new?labels=type%3A+feature+request&template=2-feature_request.md).
We want to make Grafana accessible to even more people. [Submit an accessibility issue](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/new?labels=type%3A+accessibility&template=3-accessibility.md) to help us understand what we can improve.
### Triage issues
If you don't have the knowledge or time to code, consider helping with _issue triage_. The community will thank you for saving them time by spending some of yours.
Read more about the ways you can [Triage issues](/contribute/triage-issues.md).
### Answering questions
If you have a question and you can't find the answer in the [documentation](https://grafana.com/docs/), the next step is to ask it on the [community site](https://community.grafana.com/).
It's important to us to help these users, and we'd love your help. Sign up to our [community site](https://community.grafana.com/), and start helping other Grafana users by answering their questions.
### Your first contribution
Unsure where to begin contributing to Grafana? Start by browsing issues labeled `beginner friendly` or `help wanted`.
......@@ -55,66 +55,6 @@ Triage helps ensure issues resolve quickly by:
+------------------+ +--------------+
## How you can help
There are multiple ways that you can help with the Grafana project, especially without writing a single line of code. Everyone in the Grafana community will be thankful to you for helping out with any of the below tasks.
### Answer/ask questions
The [community site](https://community.grafana.com/) is the main channel to be used for asking and answering questions related to the Grafana project. This may be the first place a new or existing Grafana user look/ask for help after they found that the [documentation](https://grafana.com/docs) wasn't answering their questions. It's very important to help new and existing users so that these new users can find proper answers and eventually help out other users and by that keep growing the Grafana community.
Please sign up to the Grafana [community site](https://community.grafana.com/) and start help other Grafana users by answering their questions and/or ask for help.
### Report documentation enhancements
If you visit the [documentation site](https://grafana.com/docs) and find typos/error/lack of information please report these by clicking on the `Request doc changes` link found on every page and/or contribute the changes yourself by clicking on `Edit this page` and open a pull request. Everyone in the community will greatly thank you for.
Please read about how documentation issues is triaged [below](#documentation-issue) to understand what kind of documentation may be suitable to request/add.
### Report a security vulnerability
Please review the [security policy](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/security/policy) for more details.
### Report bugs
Report a bug you found when using Grafana by [opening a new bug report](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/new?labels=type%3A+bug&template=1-bug_report.md).
### Request enhancements/new features
Suggest an enhancement or new feature for the Grafana project by [opening a new enhancement issue](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/new?labels=type%3A+feature+request&template=2-feature_request.md).
Alternatively, help make Grafana be better at being accessible to all by [opening a new accessibility issue](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/new?labels=type%3A+accessibility&template=3-accessibility.md).
### Report inaccurate issue information
If you find an issue that have a badly formatted title and/or description, bad language/grammar and/or wrong labels it's important to let the issue author or maintainers know so it can be fixed. See [good practices](#good-practices) regarding basic information for issues below.
### Request closing of issues
The Grafana project have a lot of open issues and the main goal is to only have issues open if their still relevant. If you find an issue that you think already have been resolved or no longer is relevant please report by adding a comment and explain why you think it should be closed including related issues (`#<issue number>`), if applicable, and optionally mention one of the maintainers.
### Investigate issues
See [investigation of issues](#investigation-of-issues).
### Vote on enhancements/bugs
Helping the Grafana project to know which issues are most important by users and the community is crucial for the success of the project. Read more about [prioritizing issues](#4-prioritization-of-issues) for details about how issues are being prioritized. The Grafana project use GitGub issues and reactions for collecting votes on enhancement and bugs.
**Please don't add `+1` issue comments or similar since that will notify everyone that have subscribed to an issue and it doesn't add any useful update, rather it creates a bad habit.**
If you want to show your interest or importance of an issue, please use [GitHub's reactions](https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-conversations-on-github#reacting-to-ideas-in-comments).
### Report duplicates
If you find two issues describing the same bug/enhancement/feature please add a comment in one of the issue and explain which issues (`#<issue number>`) you think is a duplicate of another issue (`#<issue number>`).
### Suggest ideas for resolving bugs/enhancements
Related to how [issues are being prioritized](#4-prioritization-of-issues) it's important to help anyone that's interested in contributing code for resolving a bug or enhancement. This can be anything from getting started and setup the development environment to reference code and files where changes probably needs to be made and/or suggest ideas on how enhancements may function/be implemented.
Please read about how [help from the community](#5-requesting-help-from-the-community) may be requested when issues being triaged.
## 1. Find uncategorized issues
To get started with issue triage and finding issues that haven't been triaged you have two alternatives.
# Triage issues
Triage helps ensure that issues resolve quickly by:
- Ensuring the issue's intent and purpose is conveyed precisely. This is necessary because it can be difficult for an issue to explain how an end user experiences a problem and what actions they took.
- Giving a contributor the information they need before they commit to resolving an issue.
- Lowering the issue count by preventing duplicate issues.
- Streamlining the development process by preventing duplicate discussions.
This document gives you some ideas on what you can do to help. For more information, read more about [how the core Grafana team triage issues](/ISSUE_TRIAGE.md).
## Improve issues
Improve issues by suggesting improvements to the title and description. If you think an issue has formatting issues, bad language, or grammatical errors, post a comment to let the author and maintainers know.
## Report resolved issues
If you think an issue has been resolved, or is no longer relevant, suggest us to close it. Add a comment on the issue, where you explain the reason it should be closed. Make sure to include any related issues and pull requests.
## Investigate issues
Investigate issues that we haven't been able to reproduce yet. In some cases, there are many combinations of panels, dashboards, and data sources that make it difficult for us to reproduce certain issues. Help us by adding more information.
## Vote on issues
Use [GitHub reactions](https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-conversations-on-github#reacting-to-ideas-in-comments) to let us know what's important to you. Vote on bugs if you've experienced the same problem. **Don't vote, or react, by commenting on the issue.**
Read more about [how we prioritize issues](https://github.com/grafana/grafana/blob/master/ISSUE_TRIAGE.md#4-prioritization-of-issues).
## Report duplicates
If you find two issues that describe the same thing, add a comment in one of the issues, with a reference (`#<issue number>`) to the other. Explain why you think the issue is duplicated.
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