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......@@ -7,10 +7,12 @@ The process for contributing to any of the Elasticsearch repositories is similar
1. Sign the contributor license agreement
Please make sure you have signed the [Contributor License Agreement]( We are not asking you to assign copyright to us, but to give us the right to distribute your code without restriction. We ask this of all contributors in order to assure our users of the origin and continuing existence of the code. You only need to sign the CLA once.
2. Rebase your changes
2. Run the grunt build process and ensure it completes without errors with your changes.
3. Rebase your changes
Update your local repository with the most recent code from the main Kibana repository, and rebase your branch on top of the latest master branch. We prefer your changes to be squashed into a single commit.
3. Submit a pull request
4. Submit a pull request
Push your local changes to your forked copy of the repository and submit a pull request. In the pull request, describe what your changes do and mention the number of the issue where discussion has taken place, eg “Closes #123″.
Then sit back and wait. There will probably be discussion about the pull request and, if any changes are needed, we would love to work with you to get your pull request merged into Kibana.
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