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......@@ -41,6 +41,13 @@ Grafana is very easy to install. It is a client side web app with no backend. An
- Edit config.js , the change graphiteUrl and elasticsearch to the correct urls. The urls entered here must be reachable by your browser.
- Point your browser to the installation.
To run from master:
- Clone repository
- Start a web server in src folder
- For development you can use
- npm install
- grunt server (starts node server)
# Graphite server config
If you haven't used an alternative dashboard for graphite before you need to enable cross-domain origin request. For Apache 2.x:
......@@ -73,6 +80,11 @@ If your Graphite web is proteced by basic authentication, you have to enable the
# Contribute
If you have any idea for improvement or found a bug do not hesitate to open an issue. And if you have time clone this repo and submit a pull request and help me make Grafana the kickass metrics & devops dashboard we all dream about!
Clone repository:
- npm install
- grunt server (starts development web server in src folder)
- grunt build (creates minified & optimized javascript & partials)
# Notice
This software is based on the great log dashboard [kibana](
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