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......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ The following datasources are officially supported:
* [Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)]({{< relref "" >}})
* [OpenTSDB]({{< relref "" >}})
* [Testdata]({{< relref "" >}})
* [Mixed]({{< relref "" >}})
## Data source plugins
title = "Using the Mixed Data Source in Grafana"
keywords = ["grafana", "dashboard", "documentation", "panels", "mixeddata"]
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name = "MixedData"
parent = "datasources"
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# Mixed Data Source
This Data Source allows you to specify data source on a per query basis.
## Usage
To use the Mixed Data Source, create a new panel or edit an existing panel and navigate to the Queries tab. From the Query popup, select "-- Mixed --". Click "Add Query" and select the desired source.
You cannot change an existing query to use the Mixed Data Source.
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