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    Tests: Adds end-to-end tests skeleton and basic smoke test scenario (#16901) · a4d287d2
    Hugo Häggmark authored
    * Chore: Adds neccessary packages
    * Wip: Initial dummy test in place
    * Feature: Downloads Chromium if needed
    * Fix: Adds global config object
    * Refactor: Adds basic e2eScenario
    * Build: Adds end to end tests to config
    * Build: Changes end to end job
    * Build: Adds browsers to image
    * Build: Adds failing test
    * Refactor: Adds first e2e-test scenario
    * Fix: Ignores test output in gitignore
    * Refactor: Adds compare screenshots ability
    * Refactor: Removes unnecessary code
    * Build: Removes jest-puppeteer
    * Fix: Replaces test snapshots
    * Refactor: Creates output dir if missing
    * Refactor: Changes aria-labels to be more consistent
    * Docs: Adds section about end to end tests
    * Fix: Fixes snapshots
    * Docs: Adds information about ENV variables