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......@@ -43,6 +43,14 @@ or override it and make an explicit call to the parent class method in the child
The following building blocks are available:
### AI / NLU / ONDEWO Building Blocks
|Building Block|Description|
|[BBM_OndewoBpiServer](./ondewo/BBM_OndewoBpiServer-1.0.qclass.yaml)|ONDEWO Business Process Integration server building block with event-based connectors for intent handling
|[BBM_OndewoIntentHandler](./ondewo/BBM_OndewoIntentHandler-1.0.qclass.yaml)|ONDEWO intent handler helper class
|[BBM_OndewoNluClient](./ondewo/BBM_OndewoNluClient-1.0.qclass.yaml)|ONDEWO Natural Language Understanding client helper class
### Data Provider / Mapper Building Blocks
|Building Block|Description|
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